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Our team goes out of their way to make your child's visits special and show them how much fun dentistry can be!

Gentle Children's Dentistry in Wellington, OH

At Wellington Dental, we believe that your child deserves the gift of a happy, problem-free smile. By making childhood visits fun, we can help ensure that kids get excited about keeping their smile healthy.

As parents, Dr. Maryann Jacko and Dr. Jonathan Siefker understand that every child is unique and deserves to be treated with patience and gentle care. We want your child to have positive experiences with us because what we do now will impact their oral health long into the future. 

Your Child’s First Visit

We agree with the recommendation of the American Dental Association that children visit us when their first baby tooth erupts, preferably before the age of one. Kids may not necessarily need dental treatment at this age, but there are two reasons we recommend early visits:

Protect Baby Teeth

Baby teeth play an important role in your child’s oral health. If you look at an x-ray of your child’s mouth, you can see primary teeth developing in the gums. Baby teeth hold a place for these teeth to erupt properly. But if a baby tooth is too soon to decay too soon, neighboring teeth may drift into the empty space. This makes it difficult for primary teeth to erupt properly, which can lead to alignment problems in the future.

Provide a Positive Experience

The perfect time to start seeing your child is when they don’t have problems.

We know that any new experience can be stressful for your child, so we don’t expect them to behave perfectly every time. Our goal is to start slowly by showing them some of our instruments, giving them a ride in the dental chair, and counting their teeth. Taking advantage of your child’s natural curiosity is a great way to get them excited about their dental care!

Preventive Services for a Healthy Smile

Helping your child adjust slowly to their new surroundings is important, but we also use early visits to take necessary steps to ensure a healthy smile. 

If our doctors feel it would be helpful, they may recommend a fluoride application. Topical fluoride is a valuable treatment that ensures your child’s teeth stay strong and healthy. 

The city of Wellington adds fluoride to their water, so there is a good chance your child doesn’t need a topical application. However, our doctors will tell you if they think your child would benefit from the protection of additional fluoride. 

We may also recommend dental sealants as a preventive treatment for your child. While fluoride protects the smooth surfaces of teeth, molars and premolars have uneven surfaces and deep grooves, which makes them hard to clean properly. A sealant is a thin coating of plastic material that we apply to the surface of these teeth to “seal out” bacteria and help prevent decay. 

We Look Forward to Meeting Your Child

At Wellington Dental, we are pleased to treat children of all ages with gentle, compassionate care. Please call our office at (440) 647-2752, and we will be happy to arrange a convenient appointment. 

We look forward to meeting you!

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